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RE: Vigilar spam? [7:49453] posted 07/23/2002
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I've received a couple emails from them.  Same email sent to two of my
addresses; only one is on this list....

I hate spam!!
I hate spam!!
I hate spam!!

mike j.

Michael Jablonski
ABN AMRO Asset Management Holdings, Inc.
161 North Clark St.
9th Flr
Chicago, IL  60601-2468
PH: 312.884.2996 
FAX: 312.278.5550

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From: Paul Borghese [mailto:pborghese@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx] 
Sent: Tuesday, July 23, 2002 12:04 PM
To: cisco@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Vigilar spam? [7:49453]

Did anyone else get the spam?  I am trying to determine if
they are culling addresses from this list.  If they are we will make it
public they are spammers and arrange a boycott against their company.


Please contact me direct and do not reply to the entire list.





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