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RE: Everything working now? [7:49438] posted 07/23/2002
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     I'm sure that you'll get 1000 diffent suggestions on this, but my
preference is Compaq.  The DL380-G2 offers everything you'll need.  You can
get Dual processors, SCSI-RAID, etc, and they are fully Redhat compliant.
We are using several of them with Redhat 7.2, and they are awesome.  They
are a little more expensive, but the support, service and quality you get
from Compaq are unmatched in the Intel-based server industry in my opinion.
Cost is probably around 4K/server once you outfit it with drives, etc.
Check for prices and configurations.


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AT&T Government Solutions, Inc.

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GroupStudy is definitely causing me to age prematurely!  Ok, I think the
list, newsfeed, and website are back in operation.  I did disable the
archive search engine and may enable it later once things stabalize.

We need to obtain new hardware and we actually have the money to purchase
said new hardware :-).  With the free bandwidth from Swiftcomm and the
selling of banner advertisements, we have been able to create quite a trust
fund.  So I need suggestions on Intel based servers that are 1u in size.
The more redundancy and memory, the better.  Probably SCSI.  The new server
needs to work under RedHat Linux.

Any suggestions!

Paul Borghese

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