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Re: Exam Monday [7:49286] posted 07/21/2002
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I just took this exam and passed. It was more difficult than I thought. I
have some suggestions:

1. If CCIE is in your future...or if you just want a good reference, buy
Routing TCP/IP  Volumes I and II. It goes into more depth with better
explainations than the BSCN book. ( Although if you are taking it on
Monday...I guess it would be kind of hard to buy and read those books in
time! )

2. Know how to configure route redistribution and summarization in different
scenarios. Know which commands go with which protocol and under what
configuration mode and scenario to use them. This is the area of the test
that was hardest for me.

Hope that helps. Dain.

""Richard Tufaro""  wrote in message
> Hey all, got my routing exam on Monday 640-603. Any last minute advice.
> using Boson and Transcender along with reading the Cisco book for 503
> and threw...

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