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RE: Exam Monday [7:49286] posted 07/20/2002
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Took 640-603 exam today, failed with 680/700. Was not prepared for this
exam, first time I failed a certification exam, (8 passed 9 taken) first
time a company has paid for it. (definite correlation) I would definitely
reccomend configuring bgp, eigrp, and ospf on live routers or at least a
Sim. We have an all EIGRP network, so I never really worked with the others.
I passed BCRAN but we use 80% of all the material tested on for that exam,
so it was a breeze. The questions were spread evenly. No suprises, not even
the fact that I failed. I used TCP/IP doyle (vol 1 only) ccnp prep library
BSCN, sybex, transcenders, and boson. I just wasnt prepared and did not give
the exam the respect it deserved. It won't happen again. I would say a good
30-40% of the questions were very similar to the bosons and transcenders.
Just make sure you are getting 80-90% on them (scrambled) without memorizing
them and you should be ok.

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