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RE: Boson CCIE tests [7:49121] posted 07/19/2002
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    I'm curious, where did you take your exam that you were graded on a 1000
point system?  My exam gave me only a % score as far as I can remember.
When you use the online lab scheduling tool, it asks you for your score, so
if you enter 869 will it let you in?  It let me in by entering my
percentage-based score, but will it recognize a score in that format?  I'm
not doubting that you've passed the exam, I'm just wondering if there are
different methods of scoring the exams based on geographic location or
something like that.

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I used both Boson practice test #1 and # 3 to prapare and pass the exam on
Friday July 12th.

I smoked the exam with  869 which is not bad for the first attempt. I am
glad that I don't have to take the new ccie written exam and can concentrate
on the lab instead.

I found questions of practice test #1 to be well written, and the coverage
of exam topics was awesome. Credit must be given where credit is due. More
than the questions and answers that were right on the money, I felt that the
author really cared about me as the buyer of his test. On the same day that
I purchased the test, I received two or three e-mails from him that showed
me where to focus. He not only e-mailed Lou Rossi's excellent white paper on
Token Ring to me, he also guided me to his website where I could practice
with 150 more questions and answers for free. Also, he has developed a
freeware that I downloaded from his website to practice with all sorts of
topics, including RIF. BTW, if you want to practice with ISDN, BGP, VPN and
PIX firewall commands, this is an excellent tool.

I downloaded it from and his ccie website is
I hope the author does not mind the public using his tools.

Practice test #3 was also good, but the variety was not as good as #1. I had
over 100 questions on RIF only .
Come on, decyphering two bytes of RIF does not take 100 questions and ansers
to practice with.

just my 2 cents


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From: Persio Pucci [mailto:persiopucci@xxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Thursday, July 18, 2002 9:38 AM
To: cisco@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Boson CCIE Tests [7:49121]


is it only me or the Boson Tests #1 and #2 for CCIE Writen are just
comparing to #3? I am considering to buy one of these but I am not sure

Is #3 really the most close it can get to the real deal?



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