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Re: Exchange 5.5 Problem [7:49090] posted 07/18/2002
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Are you running exchange on a Cisco IOS based platform?  If not, I think you
might have the wrong newsgroup (or at least post with OT in front of the

Now on a side note - try re-installing deleting and reinstalling IMS on your
exchange box.

-Brad Ellis
CCIE#5796 (R&S / Security)
Cisco home labs:
""Firesox""  wrote in message
> I have Exchange 5.5 running on Windows 2000 server.
> All clients are using Outlook 2000.
> For some reason users get this message when certain message comes in to
> their mailbox.
> The Microsoft Exchange Server received an Internet message that could not
> processed. To view the original message content, open the attached
> >
> Most messages come in just fine.  I am no sure why this is happening.  I
> have an Exchange 2000 running at home and the same email comes in just
> I appreciate any help.
> Thanks in advance.

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