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Re: VPN with Cisco 806 [7:49034] posted 07/18/2002
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Thanks for the advice guys...very helpful. Dain.

""Dain Deutschman""  wrote in message
> Hi Everyone,
> VPN Question: I have a client with 16 small locations ( 2-8 nodes per
> location ) that may want to access a Windows Terminal Server at a central
> site in the future to run thier database app. Not all the locations have
> broadband internet access...although they will within a year or two. The
> speed of the broadband is on average around 400-500Kbps ( with the
> of the dial-up ).
> Will a Cisco 806 at the central site and a mix of software VPN clients and
> 806 routers at the remote sites work? Or would an 806 not be able to keep
> on the performance side? Any suggestions?
> --
> Dain Deutschman
> Data Communications Manager

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