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Re: management platforms [7:49042] posted 07/18/2002
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You would be going against conventional wisdom, Cisco's Kool-ade and every
other help-desk manager.  I think one platform SHOULD manage all the stuf.

""Roberts, Larry""  wrote in message
> Guys,
> I'm trying to justify why I don't want a single management platform for
> our servers, as well as our routers and switches.
> We are 2 distinct group with no cross-functionality between the Wan group
> and the Server group.
> Our Server guys are trying to purchase OpenView to manage it all, but we
> already have a fully functional CW2K installation
> And don't see the advantages of using OpenView.
> I'm looking for all of your experiences and recommendations for and
> a single platform.
> We use CW2K,Solarwinds and What's Up currently to manage and report on
> up/down and utilization..
> Thanks
> Larry

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