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RE: bandwidth question [7:49002] posted 07/17/2002
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birdy wrote:
> Can anyone tell me why....
> I have 2 Mbps WAN connection that reached 95 % utilisation
> during peak time.

For how long was it at 95%? That would definitely worry me, unless it turned
out that "the peak" was just a few seconds or something.

> When I try to ping to my provider serial interface(next hop),it
> register 10%
> packet loss
> My router serial interface is showing 1.9Mbps (incoming
> traffic). Since the
> router is receiving 1.9 Mbps out of the 2M pipe,which means
> that there is
> still a balance of 0.1 Mbps (100 k) and so therotically
> speaking, there
> should not be any packet loss.

Pings may not be a good way to measure packet loss because the provider may
rate limit its responses to pings. But even if that's not the case, there
could be packet loss when the average utilization was 95%. Over how much
time was the average calculated? There could have been times when the
utilization was 50% and there could have been times (like right when you
were sending the pings) when the utilization was 100% and packets had to get
dropped. That could still work out to an average of 95%.

> I think is time for me to upgrade my bandwidth....

That could be true, but you may want to do a more detailed study over a
longer timeframe, (unless users are already making a stink).

Good luck.



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