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RE: TCP timeout question [7:48934] posted 07/17/2002
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Let me tell you about this experience I have with this and if someone could
please explain it.

I usually telnet into my mini-lab and open a session for each router and
switch. I also have the "exec-timeout 0 0" command for the vty interfaces.
So at night when I go to bed ... I put my W2K machine into hibernate mode
while leaving all the telnet sessions open. So technically, the ethernet
interface goes down for the, and the routers/switch still have an open

The next day I will power up the computer and carry on as if nothing has
happened. The connection is still live, the router doesn't force me to login
again, etc.

I understand the exec-timeout 0 0 means the the connection should not
timeout, but if the 'session' is lost when my computer is powered of,
shouldn't the router be clever enough to realise that that session is not
active, since this is through the network? I understand there is no CD
facility since it is vty and not tty. That's a good way I guess to teach
people about 'uncleared sessions" for BCRAN and how to use the "clear line
vty x" command!

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