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RE: Need Cheap ATM Switch [7:48945] posted 07/16/2002
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You should buy an ATM switch based on your objectives.
If you want to do SVC and PVC auto-discovery, you need a LS-1010
If you want to do PVC, SVC, but no auto-discovery, you can go for LS100.
If you want to confine yourself to PVC only with no auto-discovery and
no SVC, you might as well go for a back to back cable and no switch at

Please note that you are NOT required to configure the ATM switch in the
CCIE lab. 



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> Terry Hines
> Sent: Tuesday, July 16, 2002 12:28 PM
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> Subject: Need Cheap ATM Switch [7:48945]
> I am in need of suggestions on which device to purchase for atm in my
> lab. I have read ls 100 is a good choice.

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