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RE: Help me on my CCNA Design Project [7:48715] posted 07/15/2002
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Can you please past the part number of your GBIC module?

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On Sat, Jul 13, 2002 at 08:13:02AM +0000, Ross Wood wrote:

> At the moment I am doing a design project for my CCNA classes. But I am
> having some problems. I have chosen the 3550-48 & 3550-24 switches and was
> wondering what kind of router I should choose. Most of the routers only
> 10/100 Ethernet ports but I would like a router with at least two gigabit
> ports that will fit directly into the 3550-48 switch GBIC. Also with the
> switches they both have two fibre ports which a GBIC card fits directly
> one of them which then gives you two ports on the GBIC. Does this then
> you 1Gbps per port on the GBIC?
> Hope someone can help me.

Well what is your uplink to your ISP ?
if your uplink is only ISDN 64 Kbps, it is useless to use a router that
supports gigabit interface.

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