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Re: Cat switch 3550 [7:48695] posted 07/13/2002
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"full" L3 and extensive QoS

by the time the 3550 is introduced into the Lab, you can expect BGP, EIGRP,
OSPF, RIP v1 and v2.

I haven't looked in depth at the QoS yet, but to judge from the Config
guide, there is a LOT that can be done.

Note that according to CCO, after Novemebr 4th, Lab candidates will be
responsible for any and all supported features on the 3550. I have not had
Cisco confirm this directly as yet, but it is expected that there will be
two of these guys in the Lab, with all that may imply.



""Frank Alvandi""  wrote in message
> Brad is recommending 3550 switch for the ccie lab.
> what is the difference between a 3548 (or 3524 for that matter) switch and
> a  3550?
> Thanks,
> Frank
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