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RE: Unknown Error [7:47822] posted 07/02/2002
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> I got this message from my Cisco 3662 fastethernet interface , :
> %AMDP2_FE-5-LATECOLL: FastEthernet0/1 transmit error

>From the System Error Messages guide:

Error Message 

%AMDP2_FE-5-LATECOLL: [chars], transmit error 
Explanation   Late collisions have occurred on the Ethernet or Fast Ethernet
interface. When a collision is detected by a station after it has sent the
512th bit of its frame, it is counted as a late collision.

Recommended Action   If the interface is a Fast Ethernet interface, verify
that both peers are in the same duplex mode. For regular Ethernet, the
system should recover. No action is required.

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