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RE: IGRP/routeing table [7:47892] posted 07/02/2002
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They will not exchange any igrp routing info, since they belongs to
different AS system.


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Subject: IGRP/routeing table [7:47892]

Hi, i was wondering if i may ask you routergods one more question:-).
(Oh! and I should say that this question is something I remember from
the CCNA exam today. So if anyone of you preffer not to answer in case
you see this helping me as me sheeting or likewise im ok with it. Im
just stuck and using what I develop the knowledge I need. Just thought
id let you know)
K, here goes;
Say I have the configuration of to routers in front of me. Router_A and
Router_B. (Ill use IGRP for this one) Then it could look something like
Router_A`s config -> 
Router_A(config)#router igrp 100 
Router_B`s config -->
Router_B(config)#router igrp 101 
What im wondering is.
In the Router B routing table here, would I find all networks
a(3.0-4.0-5.0-6.0 and 7.0) as they are  directly connected networks, or;
Only Router_B`s 3.0 6.0 and 7.0 because of the difference in their
autonomous system number (100 and 102)?.

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