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Re: Off Topic - message post times off? [7:47774] posted 07/01/2002
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Ok, ok!  I now have the system clock synchronized with a stratum 2 NTP
server.  I also changed the time from EST to UTC.  You can always see what
time it is by going to the forums on  The first purple line
has the system time on the right.

Trivia Question:  What is the difference between UTC and GMT?  I don't know
the answer but read in a faq that they are different.

Take care,

Paul Borghese

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From: "Chuck" 
Sent: Sunday, June 30, 2002 12:16 AM
Subject: Off Topic - message post times off? [7:47774]

> My recent post has a timestamp of 9:11 p.m. It was posted within 30
> of my hitting the "send" button. local time on my pc was 20:34. I synch my
> PC clock to the USNO, using SNTP, so I am confident that my PC, not to
> mention several other operating clocks in my office are accurate.
> Anyone else as A*** retentive as I am? Paul's server need adjusting? ;->

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