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Re: New Subnet Rule [7:47670] posted 06/29/2002
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I had heard that there was an RFC pertaining to using a /31 on
Point-to-Point links only (in which case there is no need for a
network/broadcast address).  Has this been implemented in (Cisco) network
equipment yet?  Is the RFC complete?

Anyone know?  Priscilla?  Howard?

Mike W.

"Gaz"  wrote in message
> Thought that's what you meant but thought I'd clarify before I made a
> pillock of myself.
> Now I've clarified I'll steam on and make a pillock of myself :-)
> I don't know how long it's been now (quite a while), but yes both of these
> are used these days. "ip subnet-zero" command is useful for this.
> I'm sure there are situations where this is still not a good idea, and I'm
> sure people will jump in and give you the low down any minute now, but
> had no problems with using them.
> Also - not used it much other than playing around, but 31 bit mask is
> available as well so you've only got a network and broadcast address to
> with. I've never been that short of addresses that I want to complicate it
> that much.

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