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Re: Centralised Management ... [7:47677] posted 06/28/2002
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CiscoWorks 2000 RME (Resource Manager Essentials) will change the password
on your boxes for you at 1 time.  I assume you are talking about local user
or enable passwords. (Changing passwords on 50 boxes manually???  ouch!!!!)
I am not sure about autheticating @ the Pix, SecureACS will handle some
forms of this but I am unsure of your system is configured.

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From: "Paul" 
Sent: Friday, June 28, 2002 12:37 PM
Subject: Centralised Management ... [7:47677]

> I want centralised management for all my switches/routers (only about 50)
> that I can change the priv level passwords etc. on a regular basis ....
> rather
> than manually changing all 50 (as I do now :( ) .... I also have Cisco
> 2000 in place ... Is there any addon to Cisco Works 2000 that will do this
> for
> me ???
> I would also like centralised management for the 20 or so remote VPN users
> that I have authenticating at the Pix ..... so that I can disable/enable
> accounts etc. Is there an addon for Cisco Works 2000 to manage this too
> btw my company will not yet go for any Cisco Concentrators !!!
> Or do I have to use Tacacs+ ....  Does anyone have any other suggestions
> ?????
> Regards
> Paul ...

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