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Re: CIT 640-606 exam update [7:47160] posted 06/22/2002
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Hmmm, not sure if I agree with that based on my experiences with the 606 
beta and the 506 exam.  I took the beta back on march 18 and failed 
(according to prometric anyway, I still dont have any official results and 
it isnt showing on the tracking system), so I took the 640-506 exam this 
week (booked before the change to -606).

I found the beta exam I took in March, really difficult and had a feeling 
that I had failed when I left the test center. On the other hand I found 
the 640-506 exam that I took this week really simple. Admitedly it is 
possible that I somehow learnt a lot between march and this week, but I 
dont think I have learnt that much since then. There were a number of areas 
where I recall tough (for me at least) questions in the beta that I 
focussed on before this last test, but found that there just werent many 
questions about them in this test.

Just my $0.02

Peter Walker

--On Friday, June 21, 2002 6:06 PM -0400 Andy Barkl  

> This exam is no more difficult than the prior version in my opinion and it

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