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rate limit plz help [7:47133] posted 06/21/2002
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hi group,

I have a customer who has take 64 up link and burstable 128 downlink 
.Problem is that i give sh int command it is showing

  5 minute input rate 148000 bits/sec, 218 packets/sec
   5 minute output rate 62000 bits/sec, 36 packets/sec

But i have configure following on serial

interface Serial0/2
mtu 2048
bandwidth 512
  ip address
  ip access-group 107 in
  ip access-group 107 out
  no ip proxy-arp
  ip wccp web-cache redirect out
  ip wccp web-cache redirect in
  rate-limit input 64000 71680 71680 conform-action transmit 
exceed-action drop
  rate-limit output 64000 131072 131072 conform-action transmit 
exceed-action drop
  encapsulation ppp

can some body help me to tell .why this is happening when i have 
configured 64 kbps on uplick of customer which input traffic for my 
router is showing 148kbps
and out traffic 62 kbps why in traffic is exceeding

Thanx in advance

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