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Re: EIGRP Neighbor issue [7:47030] posted 06/21/2002
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Kelly Cobean wrote:
> See what happens when you try to type your configs from
> memory.  You're absolutely right, Chuck, I posted an incorrect
> config.  On the PTP interface the map statement is really a
> "frame-relay interface dlci 103" statement.  Still, the proble
> persists.

I just labbed this up just to make certain I wasn't insane here also, and I
used exactly what you have in your original post, except for the
point-to-point having the 'interface-dlci' command instead of the 'map'
command, and it works fine for me.

I then went ahead and added a few more routes (via loopbacks) to make
certain they not only formed the neighborship, but also propagated routes
properly.  Still working fine.

Are you sure that what you typed in is really what you have and you didn't
get one of those mappings or something else wrong?

Good Luck!

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