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RE: Distribute-list with extended ACL [7:46732] posted 06/17/2002
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Thanks for the reply.. I understand how the access-lists work and the 3rd
octet with regards to what i'm permitting/denying.  I had no problem getting
a standard ACL to work (much like what you've shown) but I encountered
problems when trying to use a extended ACL to match the mask of the routes
being filtered.

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It is the third octet of the that makes the difference here. The
way you have the access-list configured is to permit odd numbers. The
statement I present will allow EVEN networks 0,2,4,6,8 and etc.Your
statement will allow ODD networks 1,3,5,7,9 ,and etc.
The wildcard will lock down all bits except the third octet which
will fluctuate to accommodate your prefixes that you wish to propagate.
The third octet of the wildcard statement will lock down the first bit which
you don't want to toggle since you only want ODD or in your case EVEN
networks will be propagated.
 access-list 1 per 
*It's always best to write out the statements to eliminate guesswork. My EE
Days were the same thing.
chris hugo 
  "Ouellette, Tim"  wrote: RouterA is advertising the range of networks through and I'm trying to use a distribute-list out on RouterA under
the RIP process to filter the even subnets. If I use a standard ACL that
looks like this "access-list 1 permit" then the
proper routes get filtered. I then tried to use an extended ACL with the
distribute-list to try and filter the same routes but couldn't get it to
work. Can someone explain to me how this works. From my understanding, the
destination portion of the extended ACL when used with a distribute-list
matches on the subnet mask that is in the update. I tried using which didn't work, neither did host .
Anyone have any ideas? - RouterA ======= RouterB
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