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Re: Difference between cat 6000 6500 and 3550 [7:46478] posted 06/13/2002
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Are they using 6x00 switches in the lab?  I thought they were still using
Cat5000s and therefore the CatOS and Set/Show/Clear commands.  If that is
still the case, you wouldn't want to use a 3550 as it uses IOS (config t,
etc).  I know the 6000s and 6500s you can use in Hybrid (CatOS) or Native
(IOS) mode....... I believe if you don't specify when you order, you'll get
Hybrid by default......  Just be sure that you're in hybrid and it should be
very much like being on a Cat5000.  If the 6000 happens to be in Native, you
can convert to Hybrid by following these instructions:

Mike W.

"JohnZ"  wrote in message
> I have a cat 6000 at work available for testing. Is there any major
> difference (other then backplane capacity) as compared to 3550 or 6500. I
> guess I just wanted to know that performance aside, are rest of the IOS
> features supported same accross all three platforms. I plan to use it for
> CCIE studies.
> Thx,
> JZ

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