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Frame-Relay - [7:46076] posted 06/07/2002
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Sorry for posting this again .... 

Please check my logic on this frame-relay traffic shaping scenario: 

My Bc is 8,000 bits 
My Be is 16,000 bits 
My CIR is 64 Kbps 

If I send 1 burst of 56,000 bits then 4 bursts of 4,000 bits, after the 4th
burst of 4,000 bits I will be able to burst again but not before that.

Here is my rational (Assume no congestion in the frame-relay network): 

During the first Tc interval, I send Bc+Be. 
During the second, third and fourth interval I can no longer burst 
because I have used all my "burst credit". 
At the end of the 4th Tc interval I have taken care of my first burst. 

During the next four bursts, I am "paying back" so to speak on my credit
line because I am sending less than the CIR.
So on the 9th Tc interval I can burst again. 


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