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VPN through ISDN-BRI Dynamic IP [7:42731] posted 04/27/2002
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I'm trying to set up a VPN to HQ. That site have leased line and Cisco
Concentrator 3000
 with a static IP address. I have EICON DIVA LAN ISDN-BRI Modem with dial-up
IP address and 5 workstation connected to hub for internet sharing.

All workstation installed Cisco Systems VPN Client V.3.1 Rel and the problem
is once
secure the VPN connection the workstation can not ping my HQ and also LAN.
But the other 4 workstation remain no issue without secure the VPN connetion.
Any help or any other solution can fix this issue? I have looking this
quite some
time, but till now no one reply me.

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