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Re: Secret Clearance [7:42499] posted 04/25/2002
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The policies seem more lax in the US than in UK. I'm of the understanding
that it is frowned upon to advertise the fact that you have any specific
level of security clearance, particularly TS to avoid being targetted for
any reason.
I'm just guessing obviously, but seems like common sense.

Can you tell me any more about yourself ;-)


""Paul Jin""  wrote in message
> Was this for Secret or TS?
> thanks,
> Paul
> EMW_Tech wrote:
> >
> > I shouldn't respond to a OT thread, but FYI, I had my persoanl
> > interview by
> > a DSS agent back in December....still waiting.  Oh, the process
> > began in May
> > 2000.

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