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Re: BGP Load Balancing Question [7:42469] posted 04/25/2002
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Do the addresses come from one of the providers and if so is the other
provider annoucing this network?  If so is this other provider
announcing a longer match thereby being prefered?  

I'm guessing your not getting full routes, partial routes are a
providers own networks and those of it's customers.

  I can't see what you could possibly do to your router config to affect
the incoming packets since you don't own the network as path prepending
won;t help.


"Jablonski, Michael" wrote:
> The Ts are connected to two different routers at different locations....
> The IP space is the providers....  What do you mean full vs.
> routes (Pardon my ignorance; I wish LAN/WAN communications was the only
> thing to work on)?
> Thanks for the quick response!
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> From: Lupi, Guy [mailto:Guy.Lupi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx]
> Sent: Wednesday, April 24, 2002 5:38 PM
> To: cisco@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Subject: RE: BGP Load Balancing Question [7:42469]
> Are the t1's connected to different routers in the providers POP, or to
> geographically diverse POP's?  Is the IP space your own ARIN assigned space
> or the providers?  Do you take full bgp routes or just a default or partial
> routes?  Any answer would depend on the answers to these questions.  As far
> as seeing the real load balancing, use MRTG to graph the interfaces, that
> will give you a good idea of how your bandwidth is being utilized.
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> ~From: Jablonski, Michael [mailto:mike.jablonski@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
> ~Sent: Wednesday, April 24, 2002 5:49 PM
> ~To: cisco@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> ~Subject: BGP Load Balancing Question [7:42469]
> ~
> ~
> ~I am experiencing a similar problem, using one provider with two T1s.
> ~Utilization appears to significantly favor one interface over
> ~the other.  I
> ~realize there will be some variation, but considering its a
> ~discrepancy of
> ~75% vs. 3% (these are numbers from our provider)....  I've
> ~talked to the
> ~provider; each time I receive a different configuration.
> ~
> ~Is there a command that would better show the load
> ~balancing/utilization
> ~rates.  I'm trying to become more familiar with BGP through my
> ~CCNP studies,
> ~but haven't gotten that far yet....   Thanks in advance for the help!
> ~
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