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Re: MPLS for the man on the street (without ATM) [7:42214] posted 04/23/2002
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"Howard C. Berkowitz" wrote:

> >Is there some reason that ATM is necessary for MPLS implementations in low
> >end Cisco products?  It's been my understanding that VPI/VCI field usage
> >for labels in any implementation is generally not used.  Every mpls
> >I've worked on used shim headers which makes MPLS l2 agnostic.
> Not as far as I know. Should work even with an extra piece of tape on
> an RFC1149 transport.

N.B. That's duct tape, not scotch tape. The author knew his stuff, both
white and
black. Mr. Waitzman's care in selecting the more robust concatenation method
appreciated even to this day.

This brings up a related issue. What if someone wanted to transport MPLS
directly onto fiber, without ATM or SONET/SDH. I realize there will be
issues, but can't the M-plane (not to be confused with avian carriers, mind
you) be
carried in a separate channel or even on a separate medium?

I'm serious. Is there any reason why MPLS cannot be transported directly on
perhaps even in time slots? Have the GMPLS and IPO WGs addressed this issue?

-- TT

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