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Untagged Frames ?? [7:41853] posted 04/18/2002
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How can you tell a switch or router to treat untagged frames as any other
VLAN other thatn VLAN1 which is the default? Is it a VTP command on the
switch? How about routers ? How about 2924 siwtches?

Anthony Pace
""Jeffrey Reed""  wrote in message
> One of the things related to native VLAN was VTP updates. I think they go
> over the "native" VLAN, so you'll need to make sure its the same for all
> switches in the same VTP domain.
> Jeffrey Reed
> Classic Networking, Inc.
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> Subject: native vlan [7:41837]
> Group,
> What is the significance of deciding what vlan to use for the "native
> when setting up a trunk.  Presently,  I use "native vlan 1" when setting
> a trunk.  Could I use any other vlan that is established on both switches
> the "native vlan"? I'll be searching thru CCO while I wait for a faster
> response. :)   TIA.
> Robert
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