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Need to make ISDN call [7:41691] posted 04/17/2002
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I want to setup ISDN testbed for lab practice.
I wonder what equipment I need?
I have 2 3640s in hand.
I have 4 NM-2V in hand
I have VIC-2FXS in hand
I want to order VIC-2BRI...


In this case I'm planning to connect BRI back to back and place ISDN
voice calls on it.
If the topology is correct, do I need to order one VIC-2BRI-S/T TE type
and other VIC-2BRI NT type
or both should be TE?
If I have NM-8B-U, what I can I do with them?
Is this the right configuration and equipment I should order?
What alternatives do I have?
How can I use a router in the middle as ISDN switch and in that case
what modules
do I need for all three routers?


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