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RE: Identify 1750 models [7:40862] posted 04/09/2002
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The 1750-2V and 1750-4V are just marketing bundles - there is no
difference in the physical chassis of the 1750 with these.

Look here for more details:

4MB Flash
IOS IP Software

8MB Flash
IOS IP+Voice Software

8MB Flash
IOS IP+Voice Software
2 DSPs

Be careful buying these used - make the seller at least give you a
printout of the show version, so you won't be stuck with having to buy
lots of extras to make it work in the environment you are planning.

Good Luck!
Frank Jimenez, CCIE #5738

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Subject: Identify 1750 models

I have several voice modules and I wanted to use them in my study pod.
Going through the archives and the CCO it looks like the cheapest
solution is using 1750's, and what I need are 2v's or 4v's (not the
basic model). Here is my problem...

None of the 1750's I've seen on ebay say what model they are, and the
sellers I've e-mailed haven't seen any designation on the outside of the
chassis.  Not having ever seen any 1750's myself, I don't know how to
tell them apart.  I'm hoping someone here can help my identify the
specific model designations, and perhaps alternatively, tell me where I
could just buy the units at a reasonable price...

Thanks all

--- Dennis
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