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Re: VPN 500 Concentrator and non-Cisco VPN clients [7:40788] posted 04/08/2002
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Hi Mason,

I doubt that there is an universal VPN clients that can make a VPN
connection to a Cisco VPN product, except the client made
by Cisco. 
Last time I did attend a two days training for VPN 5000, at that
time we have to use VPN 5000`s client.


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From: "Mason" 
Sent: Monday, April 08, 2002 12:38 PM
Subject: VPN 500 Concentrator and non-Cisco VPN clients [7:40788]

> If I have a Cisco VPN 5000, are most VPN clients suppose to work
> with the Cisco VPN 5000 ? (for example Microsoft VPN clients) ?
> Or do I must to download the VPN 5000 client from Cisco website
> to be able to connect to the VPN 5000 concentrator...

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