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AGS - BUILDING HOME LAB - Which LAB Books are best [7:40758] posted 04/07/2002
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I presently am studying for the CCNP.  I have 4 routers:

All run enterprise 12.2 FW IPSEC - the whole enchilada
All are 16/16

I have a 2514 running my internet connection to Comcast

And three more routers:

2522  - this was the sweetest, I just picked it up off Ebay for $550

I'm thinking of picking up a cheap AGS with 6 eth and 8 serial ports,
TR, and FDDI.  It appears to have 16 and 4 memory.  What is the max
memory for these units and can it be found today?

Also, can anyone suggest a really good book that has excellent lab
scenarios.  I can telnet to my routers from anwhere, (I know, I
havent' figure out how to SSH or Rlogin yet) so once I set up the
wiring I can tear down and rebuild remotely.

Any suggestions?

Howard Bloom

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