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Re: Finding a MAC address [7:38560] posted 04/07/2002
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Depending on varios scenarios:

Assuming the following:
If users worksations are WindowsNT stations and properly configure WINS 
servers you can simply retreave the MAC address by entering the host IP 
address at the windowsnt command-line e.g.  nbtstat -a  ip-address

If you have Catalyst switches you can retreave their connected port by
entering in the switch enable mode CLI e.g "show cam dyn 0000.0000.0000" 
48bit mac address, this command example assumes you have the set base 
catalysts switches, for the IOS base catalyst it would be, e.g.
show mac-address-table address 0000.0000.0000 .
These commands will pin-point which bridge-port on the switch the 
MAC-address comes from.

Jorge / CCNA CCNP / CCIE Wannabe /


Jeffrey Reed wrote:

> What utilities are you guys using to find MAC addresses across a large
> campus network? If I have an end users IP address, check the routers ARP
> for their MAC, whats the easiest way to find out which switch port?
> Thanks!!
> Jeff

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