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Re: http access not working anymore?? [7:40149] posted 04/04/2002
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You have some good points.  Cisco Nuts might try them out.  It could not

I would schedule the down time when I had window.  I would copy the last
known good config to the router and reboot it.  I believe that (2)  2524's
are involved.

Why are you concerned about a reboot?  Do you not think it will be able to
take it!

I do not hesitate to reboot any of my routers.  The configs are stable.  My
failovers work!

Perhaps this seems drastic to you.   Perhaps it is!   You will never know
unless you do it!

More often than not it clears up a problem or two.

Catastrophic failure must be part of your maintenance.  You do not think it
can happen to you?

I wish you luck.  I truly mean it!

I live and work in NY.  The WTC cost me many friends.  My failovers did
their job.

The companies involved were up and running 24 hours later, if anyone


""Patrick Ramsey""  wrote in message
> reboot the router?  holy moly, that's a little drastic don't you think?
> Hope this router isn't doing much!  That solution kinda reminds me of most
> nt admins!
> Have you checked to see if http process is even running?  If the router
> shows it as being a running process, do a port scan against it.  Does 80
> show up? (Make sure you scan for 80!)
> try disabling http (no ip http server)  Check the processes again and see
> http is still running.  If not, re-enable it...check the processes
> it running?  Can you connect?  portscan again...
> Do you think the acl might be hung in memory?  Try adding a new acl in
> the same number that does nothing.
> sheeesh... I would think rebooting the router would be an absolute last
> resort with scheduled downtime.  Of course if you are running a microsoft
> network, then you probably have downtime scheduled for each night, you
> always do it then!  :)
> -Patrick
> >> "Dominick Marino"  04/03/02 10:16AM >>>
> Reboot the router.
> --
> A. Dominick Marino
> ""Cisco Nuts""  wrote in message
> news:200204021529.KAA00970@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> > Hello,I use http to get to my routers but after enabling 2 commands on
> > the router it does not work anymore....I removed both the commands with
> > just http access but it still does not work....I cleared the cache in IE
> > but that does not help either.....I deleted the access-list and also
> > changed the enable secret password but no luck....What could have gone
> > wrong?I had added: # ip http access-class 10                   # ip http
> > auth local
> >
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