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RE: Are all the Cisco jobs for CCIEs? [7:40328] posted 04/04/2002
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If you are a new CCNA/CCNP with no hands on experience, get a lab, get a
router, even a router simulor if you have to. Its better then nothing.
If your young energetic, positive attitude, employers will notice.

No matter what people tell you, companies are looking for Junior
Engineers now more then anytime ever. If you have a "go getter"
attitude, they might take notice. That is what is needed, because a lot
of places look at you as an entire package. One advantage you have is
you cost less then a senior engineer. As long as you have a "willing to
learn" attitude, they know your going to work hard. I have a "don't take
no as an answer attitude", Ill take 1000 no's to get one yes. If you
take an approach like "I am going to get this job by any means necessary
(keep it legal though)", you're going to get noticed. Call the mail
room, get a phone list. If one person in HR tells you no, find someone
else. Call 500 times, Call the CEO. If they see you want in that bad,
there going to let you in. Tell them your work extra hours, weekends,
holidays, travel to wherever. 

The market has been down, and I haven't let that discourage me. I see
other people slacking with there certs (not this group), and that makes
me work twice as hard. I don't want to make excuses, and I don't want to
look back 2 years from now saying "I shoulda" and "only if". Nothing in
my life has been handed to be, and in reality, a CCNP router job is not
going to come knock on your door for anyone. And either is anything else
in life, its amazing how some people thing that.

Your going to fail, your going to get some "NO's". As a matter of a
fact, a recruiter told me, (after I didn't take job from them).
"Companies are not going to look at you, You don't have Enterprise
experience." He was angry that I didn't take a contract. Ironicly, the
same guy called me back 2 weeks later saying he had a position for one
of his largest companies. Event though the recruiter talked to me like a
piece of ###, I didn't lash back. One of the main reason was I didn't
want to get "Blacklisted", or even take a chance of getting a bad rap.
Your going to get a few slaps in the face as well.

Well I hope this helps you out a little, if you believe in yourself, you
will be fine. 

>>> "Lomker, Michael"  04/03/02 02:49PM >>>
> How do I get a job that works with Cisco products,
> without alot of experience or a CCIE?

No kidding and good luck.  Even when the economy was good I couldn't
find a
job.  If you have a BSEE your odds are a lot better, but my business
didn't get me anywhere.  

My current position is 75% NT and 25% Cisco.  You might have to find a
like mine at a company that will give you some exposure to the Cisco
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