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Re: passed MCAST/QOS exam [7:40345] posted 04/03/2002
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Congrats !

""Reinhold Fischer""  wrote in message
> hi all,
> today i took the multicast and qos exam (640-905). In my opinion it is the
> hardest of the three exams to achieve the CCIP/MPLS cert.
> For preparation i have used the Ciscopress 'developing ip multicast
> networks' book and read up the relevant sections of the Quality of Service
> Solutions Configuration Guide and the Multicast section of the IP Routing
> and IP Confguration Config Guide. If i had to take the exam again i would
> try to get my hands on the original course documentation as there were
> of questions that probably best would be answered with knowledge of the
> original course text.
> good luck to you in all your studies !
> Cheers
> Reinhold

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