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RE: #8960 [7:39144] posted 04/02/2002
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Congratulations Paul !!

Thank you for sharing some tidbits as well.

Angel Leiva - MCSE, CCNA, CCNP-WAN
Lucent Technologies, ESS  Irving, TX
E-mail: aleiva@xxxxxxxxxx

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Hello all,

I guess it is my turn to make my announcement. I got my number this
past weekend in RTP. #8960 This was my first attempt and thankfully,
my last attempt for this track. I would especially like to thank Brian
CCIE #8248. He was a tremendous help in getting me ready to pass the first
time. My company actually promised me 100% support for CCIE training when I
on board but the past 2 years, I ended up without any of the promised
So I needed to prep with my own fund (meaning, I had to ask my wife for the
money) :-)
and I needed a lot of help on many subjects that I normally don't deal with
every day. Especially on DLSW, TR and IPX.

Brian took the time to explain these technologies and made the complex
topics, easier to understand. I believe Stan earlier has already mentioned
that Brian has started teaching his own Cisco and lab prep classes in the DC
metro area.
I also recommend Brian 100%. Anyone that would like to reach Brian can do
so at - Brian196@xxxxxxxxxxx

As far as the books, I mainly used the same books as others, Bruce
Caslow's book, Doyle 1 and 2 and CCIE practical studies. And Halabi
book for BGP.

I mainly used the free labs, labs from the books and also used lab 1

Thank you Paul for creating the list and all members on this list.

- Paul Jin  CCIE #8960

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