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CISCO Seminar series posted 03/31/1999
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I just returned from the free Gigabit Networking with
Layer 3 Switching seminar (including overview of all of
the switching products - CCDA stuf).  The speaker was
CCIE, Mark Shay.

The presentation agenda was as follows on 105 pwrpt

Technology Update
QoS (Quality of Service) in the Campus
Gigabit/Layer 3 Switching soln
Cisco Multilayer Switch Services
Multilayer Network Design

The speaker spoke on a very high level and in four
hours covered
over X/Video and every acronym you can think of.  I
think it was above the heads of the majority of the
audience, and for CISCO wanta be's (like me) it was the
best free class I could ever ask for!

I highly suggest going to
and see what is in your neighborhood.

I made friends with the CISCO sales rep- after the
seminar I told her she butchered CCIE (she said Cisco
Internet Engineer) in her introduction of Mark.  She
had the nerve to tell me I was wrong and I bet her a
CISCO pen.  She continued I was wrong and brought up to
Mark who set her straight.  When are we going to have
experienced technical sales in the industry?

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