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Re: Word to the WISE posted 03/30/1999
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One other aside I learned the hard way.  If you back rev on the Cats
you will most likely loose your config completely, unlike IOS where you
will loose only the commands associated with the later release.


Sam.Wilson@xxxxxxxx wrote:
> > >From the trenches...
> >
> > CCO Online states one may upgrade a CAT5000 w/SEM I or II running 2.45
> > DIRECTLY to 4.12.  Well, CCO Online is W R O N G!  When I called TAC, they
> > agreed.  You must upgrade to 3.25 before going to 4.12 or greater.
> Coincidentally I've just been looking at exactly this issue.  I have two
> copies of the document "Release Notes for Catalyst 5000 Series Software
> Release 4.x", one supplied on paper (78-5861-04 Rev.C0) and one I
> downloaded as the PDF from CCO yesterday (78-5861-04 Rev.I0).  The HTML
> version at <
> cat5000/c5krn/sw_rns/78_5861.htm> is aligned with Rev.I0.  They both
> have, on p3 and p4 respectively, Table 1 which gives the upgrade path.
> They are slightly different but for single Sup I/II configurations
> neither says you can get from 2.anything direct to 4.anything.  If
> there's something else on CCO that says different then Cisco are being
> inconsistent.
> The content of the table from Rev.I0, for single Sup I/II configurations
> is:
> 2.4(3) or earlier -> 2.4(5) -> 3.2(4) -> 4.x
>    2.4(4), 2.4(5) or 3.1(1) -> 3.2(4) -> 4.x
>                      3.1(2a) or later -> 4.x
> Sup IIIs have a simpler upgrade path, multiple Sup configurations a more
> complex one.
> Sam Wilson
> Network Services Division
> Computing Services, The University of Edinburgh
> Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

David Madland
CCIE# 2016
Sr. Network Engineer
U S West !nterprise Networking Services
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