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Re: Is CID enough posted 03/30/1999
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Andy Barkl <abarkl@xxxxxxxxxx> asked,

>Is the CID class enough to pass the new/old CCDA exam?

In one sense, I'd like to know myself.  The CID exam is the top of the CCDP
sequence and I've been certified for years as a CID instructor.  I've been
told, however, that to be certified as a CCDP, I have to go back and pass
the earlier tests, so I need to look at what they cover -- on the theory
there sometimes is a right answer, a wrong answer, and the answer the test
is looking for.

I suppose some argument can be made that a CID instructor might not have
covered some of the product information in the FRS exam, but it does seem a
little silly.  No one can charge Cisco with showing any favoritism in the
testing process!
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