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Re: Network Topology posted 03/24/1999
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Victor Alba <valba@xxxxxxxxx> on 03/24/99 10:06:31 AM

Please respond to Victor Alba <valba@xxxxxxxxx>

To:   cisco@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
cc:    (bcc: Mike Cotrone/AMERICAS/STH)
Subject:  Network Topology

This isn't exactly the type of questions I've seen posted to this list but
I think someone here might be able to give some helpful insight since
sooner or later we'll all face a similar situation. In your experience
what's best in terms of connectivity to the Internet. My boss wants me to
order 4 T1's (maybe 6)  to different providers to be 'completely' sure that
our NOC will 'always' be up & running. I've already got 2 T's right now,

---> Do you have these 2 T's going to different providers? That would be wise
off the
---> start.
really don't know how  'wise' it is to add another 4 or 6 lines from
'different' providers. Would it be better for us to get them from the same
2 upstreams we've already got?  Would it be better to get a Fractional T3?
I'm trying to think in all that is invoved in taking this decision (i.e.
running BGP, needing to get a  7500 series or better, and wasting half of
the bandwidth just getting full views from the different providers)

---> A couple of things I need to know .. 1. How much bandwidth do
---> you need to the internet?? 2. How much redundancy does your policy require
and/or how ---> is the uptime for your ISP's to the backbone? 3. The 2 t1 lines
you have now, are they ---> going to the same ISP?

---> Let me know

---> Mike Cotrone - CCNA
---> Equant Integration Services @ Mastercard International

I need some answers, ideas & convincing arguments that can allow me to
explain to him what is the best decision, can anyone help?

Thanks to all in advance!

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