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How can this be possible? posted 03/24/1999
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I have a situation that blows me away. I work for a Law firm that has
locations in Washington DC, LA, and San Francisco. I went to managing
partners house and installed a 1604 with an ISDN to the SF office into
another 1604. The SF office has a 2501 with a T1 to LA which has a T1
to Washington. When I am at the Manging partners house I can ping to
the ethernet side of the 1604 in the SF office and NO FARTHER. BUT!
Washington DC can ping me all day long at the partners house. How is
it possible that I cant ping DC but DC can ping me? If I am being
pinged from DC and the ICMP echo makes it back to DC then there is a
path, no? I am totally beat on this one. ( I know what your thinking,
"this guy is beat on everything"). Anyway if someone could explain how
that is possible, I would like to know.


John L. Mairs

John L. Mairs
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