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Lab environments (was 4700 boot) posted 03/23/1999
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*** Joel Elkis wrote,

>A lesson I believe you have learned - If you are trying something on a
>router for the 1st time, NEVER do it on a production box.  I'm sure you
>would have preferred to learn this lesson in the lab ;-)

Laughing...and there are labs and LABS. It's one thing to experiment with
things in a personal lab.  One of the benefits of teaching Cisco router
classes, however, is that you see people making more mistakes than you
would ever see in a production environment where you were gaining
experience.  Aside from the issue of novice admins, I find it hard to
imagine a production network where 8 or 12 admins were applying changes AT

In a classroom, you will see bizarre timing interactions that can teach you
about the protocols, but are unlikely in real life.  With the early version
of OSPF, or for that matter more recent versions of AppleTalk, I often
found the best method of fixing a thrashing network was to tell everyone to
go to lunch and NOT TOUCH THE ROUTERS for an hour or so.
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