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Re: PPP Multilink on Async lines posted 03/15/1999
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Thanks for your reply Mr. Dorroh, but my problem is different from you. I
had created a user by the name "test" on the Router and from my WindowsNT
computer I am only writing the username and password in the dial-up box as
you have suggessted. I am able to log in via one line but the link is
dropped by the router exactly after One minute.

Can it be the timmer problem of Multilink that it requires the other lines
to be up within that time?
Can you tell me what is the configuration of your 2610 router?


"Dorroh, Hunter" wrote:

> I too had this problem but it was not related to Cisco at all.  I am
> using a 2610 with the 8 port analog modem bank.  When dialing in it
> would disconnect if I entered the domain name in the dial-up box.  If I
> enter the user name and password all is good.  Let me know if this works
> for you.
> Hunter Dorroh


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