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need solution SVP! posted 03/14/1999
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here is the problem:
we have a company x that has 4 sites:** site1 (head office, host , 250
PCs,1 srv win Nt,3 printers)** site 2 (1srv unix, 50 PCs) **site3 (1 srv
win Nt, 100 Pcs, 3 printers, ) **site4 (1 srv win Nt, 100 PCs, 3 prt)
the site2 is connected via T1 to the head office where as the site3 and
the site4 are connected via frame relay to the head.
my Question is what is the best topology for the network of he company x?
and why?
and what protocole we use in accordance with given parameters?
is there any way how to reduce the broadcast trafic?

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