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Routing and Switching CCIE Written Exam: posted 12/01/1998
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First, I'd like to introduce myself. I'm Ken Leja an MCSE in the Chicago area. I have grown tired of supporting Windows based LAN technology and completely lacking any kind of social life I've decided to tackle the CCIE. Being nieve I just bought a bunch of books from the Cisco suggested reading list and decided to "have at it". 
Making impulsive decisions was the easy part.
Many moons and several thousand pages of material later, I have become saturated. Everything that I read now seems to knock something else out of my brain, and my brain hurts... real bad. I seem to have covered most, if not all of the material at least once. Sadly my retention based on a few self tests is hovering somewhere about 15-20%.
The CCIE is definitely not like the MCSE, where I could read a few manuals and take a test every week. The scope of the material is *much* too large to plow through in a weekend. It is time to start a structured approach. I realize now that I have been covering a number of topics that are really not in the scope of this particular exam so I poked around at the Cisco WWW site and got the list of topics, but it is a little too vague.
I really need some assistance putting this stuff in order, identifying the proper resources and scope of the material that needs to be covered.
I've attached the topic list from the Cisco WWW site in hope that I can get some notes on the various topics like what to read or not to read, examples, links, favorite resources and relative importance etc.
No amount of assistance however great or small will go unappreciated

Routing and Switching CCIE Written Exam:
Topic List:

General Knowledge: 
Data encapsulation, layering, and protocol demultiplexing 
LAN/WAN media characteristics and access control methods 
Common service discovery, name and address binding 
Virtual circuit services in contrast with datagram services 
Windowing, flow control and relation to delay 
Error detection and recovery 
Buffering, queuing, and their impact on load conditions 
Link-state and distance-vector algorithms 
Switching algorithms and implications 
Network access control and security 
Management, monitoring and fault isolation 

Specific Technologies: 
Ethernet, Token Ring, FDDI, Fast Ethernet.
Appletalk, Banyan VINES, Novell IPX, XNS, NetBIOS/NETBEUI, 
IEEE 802.3 and 802.5 MAC Layers, IEEE 802.2 LLC1/LLC2 Layers, 
switching/VLAN technologies. 
ISDN, Frame Relay, SMDS, X.25, ATM and synchronous point-to-point serial lines. 
TCP/IP, OSI with TP4/CLNS, DECnet Phase IV and Phase IV+, and SNA 

Cisco Technology: 
Cisco router platforms, their architectures, and applications 
Cisco communications servers, their architectures and applications 
Cisco protocol translation and applications. 
Cisco Switching platforms, their architectures, and applications. 
Common configuration commands and system/network impact 
Built-in diagnostic capabilities, usage, and impacts 
Configuration and management features and usage 
LAN/WAN interfaces, capabilities, and applications 

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