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How to monitor with MRM? I get no output when debugging posted 11/29/2008
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I am following the DocCD as well as a couple archives but I cannot seem to
get this to work. I have the following topology:


R1 is my manager
R2 is my test sender (LAN interface =
R7 and R8 are my test receivers (LAN interfaces =,
R5 is an RP

All LAN interfaces have ip igmp join-group
Pim sparse-dense everywhere and I can ping the group address from any router
above - not sure if this is a requirement for MRM.

R1's config:

access-list 21 permit
access-list 22 permit
access-list 22 permit
ip mrm manager MyTest
 manager FastEthernet0/0 group
 senders 21
 receivers 22 no-join
 receivers 22 sender-list 21

R7 and R8 have the test-receiver command on LAN interfaces.
R2 has the test-sender command on LAN interface.

I debug mrm events and packets but this is all I get on R1:

Nov 29 20:54:50.614: MRM: Send Beacon for group, holdtime 83400
Nov 29 20:55:50.614: MRM: Send Beacon for group, holdtime 83340
Nov 29 20:56:50.614: MRM: Send Beacon for group, holdtime 83280

Is there something I need to do to generate output?