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Layer 7 monitoring system posted 11/25/2008
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Hi GS,I am wondering how do you monitor layer 7 traffic, especially what are
you using to monitor.
I am using Cisco works, Solarwinds and NAM. This is fine up to layer 4
monitoring but now I need to see and monitor even transaction level. Packet
sniffer is not efficient enough.

Following are the requirements I have

1. Web application performance monitor end to end.
2. Need to identify the problem tier or node on multi tier data flow
3. Be able to track each transaction and performance : don't need to decrypt
the whole content
4. track each tier processing or transaction time.

Because it is mainly application end to end performance monitoring, this is
little bit out of scope for network engineer. However, I hope some of you
have experience or insight on this.

However, I will appreciate any of your input.
Thanks in advance.