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Re: #22744 Chalk 1 up for the USA posted 11/23/2008
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Congratulations and great write-up!

On Sun, Nov 23, 2008 at 2:15 AM, S.M <shoaibmohammad0@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Grate job........Congrats John
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> From: nobody@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx [mailto:nobody@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx] On Behalf Of
> Jonathan Greenwood II
> Sent: Friday, November 21, 2008 8:01 AM
> To: Cisco certification; Dale Kling; Anthony Faria;
> bdennis@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx; Josh Finke; Alissa Santos; Anthony
> Sequeira;
> Peter Stephan; Peter Stephan; Azher
> Subject: #22744 Chalk 1 up for the USA
>  Happy to report I passed my R&S exam today here in San Jose.  Sitting in
> the
> Days Inn right now to be exact.  I found out my results a little to fast
> for
> comfort.  I was eating dinner at restaurant and the email from Cisco came
> across my phone and I got that sick feeling because I knew I did good on
> the
> exam and felt I passed.  My results came back in less than 2hrs so I was
> like I must have failed.
> I was to eager to wait till I got back to the Hotel so I checked with my
> phone in the restaurant and when I saw my # I couldnt believe it.  Left the
> waitress a nice tip and now I'm writing this story.
> First off I got to thank the GOD its been a trying journey for me.  Next I
> send a special thanks to InternetworkExperts and their team.  Brian Dennis,
> Petr, Josh Finke, Athony Sequiera, and I'm sure there's some support guys
> with their RackRental service, the whole IE team.  Along with the friends I
> made through this Journey Dale Kling, Anthony Faria, Peter Stephan, and
> Oliver, Mr Azher.  Their material was great I just had to figure out how to
> tailor it to my learning ability, and not cut corners.  I took their
> 12Daycamp back in June and after leaving it I felt dissappointed, and the
> first thing I tried to blame was the format LOL of course its not me its
> them, it sounded good at the time or at least it made me feel better for
> the
> moment.  Looking back on it the format/Material was perfect, I just wasn't
> ready for that special #.  I thought I was and felt I was but reality
> slapped me in the face looking at my first score report.  Brian was very
> clear and upfront about how the process works and you really have to work
> at
> it to achieve this success.
> 2nd attempt I took it 30days after the first and did worse than my first
> attempt.   Their was a Mock Lab camp back in Sept that had got canceled and
> moved to Oct, like a jackass I didn't want to wait so I studied a little
> bit
> thinking I could go in and wing it, LOL what a waste of money.  4th attempt
> I settled and studied my ass off. I always felt I had what it took I just
> needed to focus and really dedicate myself to the technology's.  I was
> solid
> in all my exams on the Core Technology's, each exam I got burnt on
> QoS/Security.  Qos/Security I became a damn expert over these past 2months,
> I couldn't turn the page on these topics anymore I love it now.  Finally
> I re-sat their Mock Lab out in Dallas with Anthony Sequira at the end of
> Oct
> I needed that to give me some motivation.   After 3 attempts your start
> feeling like maybe I'll put it away.   Anthony I really appreciate your
> support during the MockLab camp even though my job kept me away from
> Labbing
> most of the camp lol I knew I was getting close by how fast I was moving
> through the Mock Labs and More score's were damn near doubled from the
> first
> time I took them in June.  IE's MockLabs are the truth whether you like it
> or not your will get the TRUTH from them.  Excellent Hire Brian, Anthony is
> a great instructor.
> I passed on my fourth attempt, It would be a lie for me to say that I'm
> glad
> I didn't get it on my first attempt I'm sure everyone would feel Super
> Happy
> to pass on their first try. This 4th attempt is the ICING on the cake for
> me, I can't even explain how I feel right now.  I EARNED this one, no luck
> involved, just hardwork and dedication this time around and each attempt I
> got stronger and more pissed to finally buckle down and learn the things I
> kept trying to avoid.   The CCIE exam will weed out the folks who cut
> corners you really have to earn it.  Very few people slip by and I'm not
> sure how.  I stayed the course and just tailored the material to my
> schedule
> and I didn't cheat myself this time.  I know some of you out there that are
> studying probably pass up sections thinking you won't get it in the lab
> trust me you will. Save yourself the $1400 lunch and just buckle down and
> learn the shit...  I consider myself a well rounded invidual but I had to
> become a nerd for this one and it's worth it in the end.  Hard work always
> pays off it may take awhile but success is always around the corner.
> Looking forward to my next track with InternetworkExperts after I get a
> little ROI with the new digits VOICE or SP.  Sorry for the long post I
> could
> write a lot more :) I'm just Happy today is my day!!!
> Jonathan Greenwood II
> CCIE# 22744
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